Friday, January 27, 2012

Its been a long time coming .....

Long long time since I last blogged, been busy and not really thought about it much. Anyway here goes to get up to date.
 I have finished several quilts, two smaller ones for Rhys and Imogen, grandchildren, as they are progressing into bigger beds, however I have yet to complete the matching mini ones to go on the wall.  I haven't forgotten about them just started new stuff.  I have completed a large quilt, called Hobbies, for my son who has chickens, likes fishing and anything boating.  I made the centres of the blocks out of FQs of 3 feature fabrics I had bought some time ago with this in mind and made up a geometric pattern with red sashing around the blocks so they look like windows.  I really like how it has turned out, just hope my son and his wife like it too.
I joined some friends in a foray into art quilting and completed a wall hanging of three ladies, adapted by the friend Paramjeet from a picture by B Prahba.  I am really pleased how it turned out using rough edge applique and a tracing enlargement process whereby you sew the fabric on the front from the back following the paper enlargement then remove the paper and finish the front.  Very clever and quite quick and easy once you get the hang of it.  Now keen to do another and I have already had the picture enlarged ready to start.
I completed a couple of smaller bargello wall hangings, one in red and black for my living room here in Oman and the same in blue and yellow for a friend  who came over from Trinidad.  Silly me though I didn't take a picture of that one before it was sent off.  She was very pleased with it when it arrived thankfully.
I am just about to start a mystery quilt from the Quilting magazine and will be doing the one for our quilt group which meets on Sat 28th Jan for the first time this year.  So I will be busy.
I am off to the UK at the weekend for 3 weeks to stay with one step daughter then 2 weeks with my son who is surviving leukaemia.  He does have GVHD (Graft versus host disease) which makes his life extremely difficult but at last he is to get some new medication which is really a last ditch attempt to stop the spread of the GVHD to the rest of his body.  Fingers, toes and everything else is crossed hoping it does help him as he has struggled for the last 5-6 years keeping down a full time job, looking after family with 3 young children and he really deserves a break and I just hope this will be it.  His wife has been  wonderfully supportive, as have her family but there is only so much any one can take and she too needs this hope.

 Decided not to join the golf club here in Oman this year, didn't like the way it was going, a members club NOT run by or for the members and the other options are way too expensive so we are going to spend our weekends chilling out and visiting places in Oman so we get to see more of the country while we are here.  Younger step daughter and boyfriend are coming out mid Feb for a week so looking forward to that and we have booked a desert nights camp for one night and hoping to get to ride camels, bash the dunes a bit and all that good stuff.  One problem for me is that I hate sand but I am sure it will be fun inspite of that.

Imogen's quilt

The other quilt is one I have made for Lee, youngest son, and I hope he likes it.  Will find out soon as I will see him in a weeks time.
That is it for now, just got the 'sneak peek' for Feb Block Lotto so will try to make some of them while I am in the UK if not I will get stuck in when I get back.
Got a super picture of a camel last weekend so going to post it as it will make a change from quilt pictures!