Thursday, September 8, 2011

Block Lotto

Curvy rail fence

Here are my first 3 blocks for this month, using the only 3 batiks I have at the moment.  I will try to get some more this week but not too hopeful here in Oman. Enjoyed making them once I had read the instructions properly!

Wanted to add a load of pics I took at the Birmingham Quilt Show.  The quality of the work was just mind blowing and if I get half way to that quality I will be pleased.
My new machine and quilting frame arrived on time from the Cotton Patch and I have already had the machine up and running and am very pleased with it.  The frame is a bit different.  Once unpacked I realised that the 'Professional Carriage' that was supposed to be there was not.  After a couple of emails and a phone call, it will be on it's way to me, via the States I think, but will take a wee bit of time.  In the meantime my husband decided that it would be a good idea to varnish the frame before assembly.  Trying to find varnish in Muscat is hard enough but trying to find a shop open that sells varnish during the Eid holiday is impossible!  Finally bought some at the last place I went to and I am happy to report that the varnishisng is nearly finished.
I am hoping that assembly will follow soon and I shall be starting to quilt my first big quilt, the black and white model made for our bedroom colour sheme here in Oman.
I was lucky enough to win the Block Lotto draw for July and have received 40 odd blocks all in various tones of blue, green and purple.  I have pieced them together with grey tie dye and am very pleased with the result.  Having a bit of trouble trying to get a suitable backing for it though so that is a work in progress.
Just pieceing a smaller pink number for Imogen, the latest grand daughter and that is coming along nicely.

Those are  the photos of the quilt show so now going to do more on the pink 'toddler' size quilt. 
I must add that the fabric selection here in Oman is amazing.  Just about every type imaginable is available and generally at very reasonable prices.  Trouble is I cannot go into a fabric shop and come out empty handed! so the quilting stash is growing daily.

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  1. Photos from the quilt show are amazing - you would never think that they were quilts - some look like paintings!