Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My first attempt at Block Lotto

 I am a newbie!

I have now been in Oman for 4 months and found Block Lotto this week.  It looked like fun so I joined up and here are my first 7 blocks.  I think I need to improve my photography techniques as the colours have not come out very well.  I have joined a quilting group here in Oman but there are no meetings during June, July and August as it is so hot most expats go to their home country to stay cool.  I shall be doing same for part of July and most of August! 

I found this patch was a good starting place and tried hard to get the sizes right and the seams straight.  I have quilted things on and off for many years but tend to struggle finishing things if they are taking too long.  This block was great in that respect as it is very quick but effective when pieced together as a lot of the other photos already posted show.

I look forward to the next blocks and possibly winning some?

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